8th Grade Canvas Project

This year 8th graders will be creating a work of art on canvas that will be inspired by their own interests and artist of their choice. The following are due dates for each part of the canvas project process. All information given to the students can also be viewed on this page. Stay tuned for updates!

8th grade ~ Canvas Project and due dates

Due Date

November 18th


Research artist & style
*      Research favorite artist (guidelines attached)
*      Create artist trading card to represent artist and style

December 9th


Create list or map of your favorite activities, objects, season, etc…

January 20th


Choose art elements & principles to incorporate
*      Begin to plan out idea- make five different thumbnail drawings in sketchbook

February 24th


Five ideas planned out in sketchbook due

*      Choose favorite idea and begin sketching onto canvas

March 23rd


Drawing completed onto canvas

*      Begin to paint

April 20th


Final Canvas Due

Total Points



Ever want to discover an artist you never knew existed? Now is your chance!! Use the websites below to help start your research! You may also use other resources to find information.


Throughout your research think about the artist who most inspires you or catches your eye.  Answer the following questions below in your sketchbook.

Basic artist facts/research questions -10pts

1.     Which artist did you choose and why?

2.     In what time period did he/she live?

3.     Where is the artist from?

4.     What style of art or art movement is this artist known for?

5.     What fun facts or unique characteristics did you find about this particular artist?

6.     What inspired you to choose this artist? Explain.

After gathering your information, write a poem, story, or rap about the artist you chose. (At least two paragraphs)

Create an artist trading card to represent your artist and research. (To be done in class).

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